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Trick-or-Treat in Denver
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Top Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in Denver

Halloween is just around the corner! We have our pumpkins carved and are set for that time of year where children (of all ages) dress up in costumes to go trick-or-treating. Did you know that Denver is consistently voted in the top 10 most desirable cities for trick-or-treating? Though, picking the right street can make a real difference to the experience. Don’t be afraid to go out of your local neighborhood… but, which are the best neighborhoods to go trick-or-treat in the Denver area?

Before we answer that, lets go over some trick-or-treating rules first:

  1. Only approach Halloween friendly homes, that have their lights on.
  2. Only knock/ring once.
  3. One candy and one visit per house.
  4. Don’t eat anything unwrapped or home-made from strangers.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What time does trick-or-treat start/end on Halloween?“. You can expect candy hungry creatures to show up at your doorstep around sunset (~6pm), even earlier in some neighborhoods, especially with younger kids. Trick-or-treat generally wraps up around 9pm.

Pro Tips:

  • Nextdoor has an app that helps you get the most out of your trick-or-treating experience, letting you plan a festive Halloween night sightseeing route.
  • Since COVID, some vendors have introduced trick-or-treat bags with extenders for social distancing. There are many available on Amazon as well as local Halloween shops.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek has a vibrant shopping scene, contemporary art galleries, unique restaurants and fantastic bars. The boundaries of this neighborhood are growing, with plans unveiled for a $1 billion redevelopment project of 13 acres of Cherry Creek West.

There are also lots of beautiful homes located in several blocks to the North and East of the shopping area, which are awesome for trick-or-treating in the heart of Denver. In a small radius your kids will be able to knock on several doors and receive lots of candy, so be prepared.

PRO Tip: There are 2 hours free parking locations in most residential streets in Cherry Creek. 

Cherry Hills Village

A favorite neighborhood near Denver for trick-or-treating with epic decorating efforts. This neighborhood is visited by hundreds of trick-or-treating kids from all over. Residents go all out on Halloween with light displays and decorations. One resident even converted their garage into a trick-or-treat obstacle course in the past and another created their own Haunted House. What a great experience for Halloween! 

PRO Tips:

  • Bring spacious trick-or-treat bags for your kids. Residents are generous with their candy giving. It has been known that large bars of chocolate are being handed out.
  • Comfy walking shoes would take you the distance. 
  • Considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver. 

Country Club

You can find the Country Club neighborhood from First Avenue to Third Avenue and from Downing Street to University Avenue. It has wide parkways and distinctive gates designed to mark its entry points… you can’t miss it. 

You’ll certainly enjoy trick-or-treating through this beautiful Denver neighborhood. Residents love the history of the homes, the beauty of the gardens, and the proximity to Downtown. Occasionally referred to as “Denver’s Spanish Suburb,” it is also among the most scenic.

While there might only be 400 homes in this oasis of a neighborhood, you can be sure to walk out with plenty of candy.

PRO Tip: At the outskirts of this neighborhood you can find some great eateries such as Novo Coffee offering great pastries, Satchel’s on 6 to name a few… Why not make Halloween a fab day and evening out with your kiddos? 

Harvey Park

Fifteen minutes southwest of downtown Denver, this quiet neighborhood comes alive on Halloween night. Young families are drawn to this so-called “slice of the suburbs”. Not just for its affordable, mid century architecture, but because there’s plenty for kids to do.

Residents’ doorbells were “constantly ringing” with chocolate-hungry trick-or-treaters for many years now. The close proximity of all the houses is a sure advantage for the candy-to-walking ratio, making this secret spot a popular choice for your little ones.


A lovely, leafy neighborhood known also for their generosity in handing out copious amounts of candy. You’ll enjoy the walk and the experience in this friendly neighborhood. Not only can kids trick-or-treat during the Monday of Halloween, but there is also the ‘Hilltop Halloween Parade and Picnic’ on Sunday the 30th of October.

PRO Tips: 

  • 5280 Has ranked Hilltop in 2021 as the number one Denver neighborhood due to its safety, low crime rate, high school ranking and more.
  • It’s a nice setting for kids to walk around the Hilltop neighborhood and parks with very few cars around and ample space to be out and have fun.


In past years the entire neighborhood would join in the fun during trick-or-treating. Surrounding streets were blocked off due to the popularity of more than 2,000 trick-or-treaters paying a visit to the neighborhood at a given Halloween night. 

Renowned for some of the wildest decorations in Denver, every year, it doesn’t disappoint. Halloween decorations have become a community event where most neighbors are planning, collaborating and helping to make Halloween a memorable event for the kids visiting from all over Denver. During the Halloween evening most residents are out to welcome the trick-or-treaters but also to engage with the community.

Park Hill

Park Hill is one of Denver’s older neighborhoods, with Denver City Council recently officially landmarking one its oldest homes.

The neighborhood brings something of a Bostonian feel with a central Denver location. With its wide lawns and lush tree canopies, Park Hill is one of the greenest parts of Denver. A beautiful, serene area to go trick-or-treating.

Park Hill is known across the Denver metro area for having some of the best Halloween decorations in Colorado. Residents take Halloween seriously and Kids flock to this neighborhood for the festive and fun feel. With thrilling sights around every corner, this exciting and mystical atmosphere makes the perfect place to take your little ones this Halloween. 

PRO Tip: Many families live in Park Hill neighborhood so your young ones will be able to make new friends while trick-or-treating. 

Virginia Village

A nice neighborhood with quieter, wider streets, great for kids trick-or-treating this Halloween. Many of the mid-century modern, single-family homes are occupied by residents who’ve lived in the area for decades. The median age of residents is 35, with many young professionals, who embrace the Halloween spirit.

PRO Tips: 

  • This neighborhood is an easy commute from Colorado Station on Denver’s light rail system.
  • With restaurants nearby, families can fuel up before embarking on a fun night of trick-or-treating (with a possible sugar high). 
  • Considered by residents to be pet friendly, so why not bring your dog for a fun evening of trick-or-treating? 

Washington Park

A great place to visit on Halloween night. Washington Park is an area with a lot of homes in close proximity to each other, maximizing your candy-to-walking ratio. Add the fact that the homes also often get into the Halloween spirit, you’ll find lots of fun decorations and beautiful homes to see as you walk your kids from door to door. Plus, since it’s such a popular place to visit, you’ll see lots of other kids and parents while you are out. 

PRO Tip: Interesting shopping and dining nearby in Old South Gaylord Street. So why not energize the family before you trick-or-treat?