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11 Denver Interior Designers You Should Be Following on Instagram  

Whether you’re a longtime Denver resident looking to refresh your living space or you’re new to The Mile High City and you want to furnish the home of your dreams — these 11 Denver interior designers can help you reach your goals. Juggling functionality and comfort, as well as keeping your space aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task when you’re working with professional designers.

1. Andrea Schumacher Interiors 

Where? 870 Santa Fe Drive 

With locations in Denver and Santa Barbara, Andrea Schumacher Interiors brings its stunning designs to the Rockies and to the coast. The firm specializes in crafting a curated interior, perfect for all varieties of clients across the United States. The signature style has notes of warmth, as well as the charm of traditional styles combined with a more contemporary flourish. Designers take into consideration the client’s individualized lifestyle and personality in order to curate the perfect space for them. 

Known for their vibrant interiors, Andrea Schumacher Interiors boldly uses patterns and unique color combinations to create a truly inspirational, yet sophisticated and timeless space for their clients. Potential clients can contact the firm by filling out an online form or by reaching out to the design company via a business or collaboration request. 

PRO Tip: Follow Andrea Schumacher Interiors on Instagram to stay up to date with their latest projects! They also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2. Brayton Interiors 

Where? 1626 Osceola Street 

Brayton Interiors takes its inspiration from timeless and elevated designs, working on recent projects such as a modern Italian conservatory, contemporary chateaus, and a Congress Park cottage. Their philosophy of classic sophistication that fits in with the modern lifestyle and comfort takes into consideration each client’s specific tastes and the architectural design of their home. Their exclusive network of artisans allows each home to have unique flourishes and one-of-a-kind additions. 

When you work with Brayton Interiors, you get the attention provided by a boutique firm, as well as the top-notch execution that’s often associated with larger firms. This best of both worlds approach allows clients to work with the firm’s principles throughout the project while also resting assured that their home will be thoughtfully, carefully, and masterfully curated. 

PRO Tip: Brayton Interiors serves Aspen, Boulder, Vail, and Brooklyn areas, alongside Denver. Their social media presence spans across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

3. Mark Design 

Where? 3149 South Broadway STE 1 

Mark Design doesn’t dive into space sourcing immediately. Instead, the firm discusses preferences, aspirations, and the personality of each client before planning their interior design. This enables the homeowner to enjoy a comfortable, true-to-self living area that promotes well-being and nourishment from the moment they walk in the door. Designing a home is incredibly personal in nature, which is appreciated by Mark Haynes, designer of Mark Design. Spaces should be aesthetic, as well as functional — which is a fine alignment at times that must be carefully balanced. 

Aside from his design chops, Mark Haynes is also experienced in project management. This ensures a focus on timing, budgets, and installation so that the entire experience runs smoothly from beginning to end. Life gets busy and stressful, which is why Mark can use his easy going nature to keep things moving along even in the face of decision burn-out and all of the distractions life can throw at you. 

PRO Tip: Mark Haynes has an Instagram account where clients can follow his work, as well as a Facebook page for the firm.

4. Atelier Interior Design 

Where? 1832 North Clarkson Street 

Atelier Interior Design is a full-service firm, with designs ranging from vibrant colors and patterns to globally inspired spaces. This eclectic style is uniquely its own and the firm strives to provide an energetic approach to home design while keeping modern lifestyles in mind. Each design is meant to reflect the client, all the way from the initial concept discussion to the final details that pull the space together. Each design is meant to serve the client functionally and aesthetically while being an outward expression of their unique personality. 

When working with Atelier, the process begins with an initial phone call to discuss plans and general preferences. After this, the initial consultation can be scheduled to more fully develop the needs, project scope, and the client’s budget. Once the nitty gritty has been hashed out, the designer and client can get down to the fun part and begin selecting furniture, paint colors, fabrics, and light fixtures to start bringing new life to the home. 

PRO Tip: Follow Atelier Interior Design on Instagram to stay up on the latest news from this award-winning Denver firm.

5. Nadia Watts Interior Design 

Where? 170 South Elm Street 

Since 2009, Nadia Watts has been designing exceptional spaces for clients across Denver. Her extensive experience in the industry gives her an edge over newer firms and her collaborative approach ensures that each client feels involved in creating their perfect space. Nadia prioritizes attention to detail and allows each client’s personality to shine through their living areas while using her professional experience to tie each room together in an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional, manner. 

Whether you’re looking to redesign a downtown loft, a rocky mountain residence, or an elegant Greenwood Village home — Nadia Watts is excited to bring her unique creative flourish to your home. Her portfolio is a shining example of how her design experience can meld beautifully with the client’s individuality. Maximizing each space using natural light and taking advantage of patterns, textures, and even window treatments, your home will be revitalized with new life. 

PRO Tip: Nadia Watts is a must-follow on Instagram, where she shows off recent projects, personal life outtakes, and creative design ideas.

6. TVL Creative 

Where? 999 Vallejo Street #20

TVL Creative helps ease the burden and stress that can be related to the interior design process by providing clients with a single point of contact. This makes communication more streamlined, regardless of the size or the scope of the project. The firm’s fine-tuned system helps to empower clients and allows them to be confident in every step of the design process. In-home design sessions are charged at a flat rate of $1,200 for three hours — enabling the client to show off their space, discuss ideas, and provide the designer with intimate insight into the architectural requirements. 

The Team at TVL Creative helps clients across a range of preferences, from those seeking to take on a more DIY approach to those who want the experts to take the lead. This inclusiveness fosters deeper connections while allowing clients to transform their space into something entirely new. 

PRO Tip: If you’re interested in seeing what TVL Creative can design up close and personal, check out their Denver showroom. Clients can also keep up with the team via Instagram and other social media channels.

7. Duet Design Group 

Where? 1873 South Bellaire Street Suite 1100 

Known for its luxury interior designs, the Duet Design Group is driven by the idea that the environment in which you live should reflect who you are as an individual. Instead of designing for themselves or choosing from viral trends — the team at Duet Design Group wants to transform your desires and dreams into a unique blend of functional and stylish pieces. Series range from residential to commercial, with options for building or remodeling projects. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you want to refresh your space, the group has you covered. 

Duet Design Group was created by Devon Tobin, a longtime designer in the Denver scene. She has since built a full-service team that’s able to meet a range of client requirements. The team’s unique process works to identify which elements of interior design each client finds most compelling, even if they can’t put it into words themselves.

PRO Tip: Despite being based in Denver, Duet Design Group works across the state of Colorado. Don’t hesitate to reach out and begin a discussion. You can also follow the group’s work via Instagram.

8. Margarita Bravo 

Where? 601 South Broadway, Suite G 

Margarita Bravo has found success with its client-centric approach to design. Through meaningful conversation and listening, the team can design and build the interior space of your dreams. Even the most ordinary home can be transformed into a functional, extraordinary environment for you to live your day-to-day life. By staying up to date on the latest trends and understanding the design principles that have been timeless for centuries, Margarita Bravo is able to upgrade your residential space or commercial property. 

Margarita Bravo’s comprehensive approach leads to seamless execution throughout the process. From the concept outlined during the initial discussions all the way to the final product, clients will be struck by the professionalism and efficiency put forth by this firm. 

PRO Tip: Despite being based in Denver, Margarita Bravo also has locations in Miami, Barcelona, Montecito, and Aspen. Stay up to date with the team via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

9. Joe McGuire Design 

Where? 4676 Broadway, Suite B

Whether you’re building a new home in Denver or you’re simply looking to breathe life into a space that feels dull, Joe McGuire Design can tackle the project. The team understands budget constraints and works to create fun, modern designs in a cost-effective manner. Accurate estimates are provided up front, so clients don’t feel blindsided later on. Though Joe McGuire Design doesn’t have a Denver office, their locations in Aspen and Boulder are able to serve a range of Colorado residents — including those located in the Mile High City. 

The team keeps an updated schedule of meetings and milestones to ensure each project runs as efficiently as possible. There are even additional meetings for those interested in holistic design. These sessions cover guided visioning, energy clearing, and meditation practices that help clients connect with their home, the land it’s on, and its history. 

PRO Tip: Follow the team on social media platforms, such as their Instagram where they post beautiful designs, Colorado landscapes, and inspiration for your next project.

10. JL Interior Design 

Where? 600 17th Street Suite 2800 South 

Jenn Lowry, the designer behind JL Interior Design, pursued her creative passion in 2008. She believes in well-staged, yet well-lived spaces where clients can enjoy functionality as well as comfort. Her prior history in the financial industry also allows her unique insight into real estate values, as well as staying mindful of budget considerations. 

JL Interior Design provides a convenient scheduling page where clients can review the menu of offerings, such as a free discovery call, an interior design consultation, a staging consultation, and even a professional organization consultation. Whether you’re a potential client considering a remodel or you’re looking to buy soon — begin a conversation with JL Interior Design today to get the ball rolling on creating your ideal space. 

PRO Tip: Follow Jill on Instagram to stay up to date on her current projects. You can also connect with JL Interior Design via their website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

11. Kimberly Timmons Interiors 

Where? 2000 South Colorado Boulevard Tower 1, Suite 1500 

Kimberly Timmons Interiors, KTI, has been recognized over the years and won numerous awards for their timeless designs and creative uses of modern trends. Form and function don’t have to exist in parallels. Instead, they can live harmoniously in your home and create a space that you love living in. Across three design studios, KTI can work independently and collaboratively through shared ideas and expertise. 

When you work with KTI, you’ll gain fresh perspectives and experienced design principles. Each space can be uniquely highlighted with natural lighting, colors, textures, and even architectural components. The luxury residential design process begins with discovery before design development is started. In this developmental stage, interior finishes and design palettes are selected. The final step, execution, involves all installations and finishing touches. 

PRO Tip: Keep up with Kimberly Timmons via Instagram, where you can view portfolio designs, inspirational projects, and installs.