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Best Coffee Shops + Roasters in Denver
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13 Best Coffee Shops + Roasters in Denver

Coffee lovers rejoice! Denver isn’t just known for brewing beer but also for brewing a delicious cup of caffeine. The city is a hub for those looking to sip on their favorite latte or pick up a bag of artisan coffee beans from a local roaster. Even better, many of the roasters have a subscription service that ensures you’re never without a fresh bag of coffee. 

Denver has no shortage of long standing cozy coffee shops to work remotely from and even some hip, up-and-coming spots that are serving up unique coffee combinations with a side of fresh-baked flaky pastries. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed coffee snob or somebody who just wants to support small businesses, there’s a perfect cup waiting on you.

  1. Corvus Coffee Roasters

Address: 1740 South Broadway

Corvus Coffee has several locations throughout Colorado, with outposts in Arvada and Littleton. The Broadway location is referred to as “The Original Roastery” and guests will find an industrial yet inviting coffee shop that emphasizes close-knit relationships with farmers in Latin America and Africa. The beans are roasted in Denver before being served up to guests in the form of their favorite caffeinated beverage. Each variety has a unique story behind it, which guests can read online or inquire about in-store.

Those interested in the roasting process can watch it unfold in front of them. Order a cortado from the espresso bar or sip on an iced Americano. There is also nitro cold brew and Kyoto, which is a Japanese slow-drip cold brew. If you’re feeling peckish, order a bakery treat from the Fox & the Raven Bakery or grab a baguette breakfast sandwich to fuel your morning. 

PRO Tip: Those in need of a thoughtful present for the coffee enthusiast in their life can pick up a bag of coffee plus an artist mug gift box.

  1. Novo Coffee

Address: 1600 Glenarm Place & 1700 East 6th Avenue

Founded in 2002, Novo Coffee has championed transparency along the coffee chain — from production to sourcing and importing. This allows the final consumer to get closer to the process, while also benefiting the growers who make the cup of coffee possible. Novo emphasizes a high-quality pour-over, with house roasting, proper brewing, and thoughtful presentation.

Some of the beans from Novo have made their way to high-end chocolatiers and to craft breweries that are local to Denver. Classes are hosted throughout the month on subjects such as espresso, milk steaming, and a seed-to-cup lesson. Novo also has a subscription service, with choices including a single bag, a double, or a variety pack with three 4-ounce packages of hand-picked coffee. 

  1. Kaladi Coffee Roasters 

Address: 1730 East Evans

Kaladi opened in Denver in May of 2000 with a mission to increase the quality of caffeinated offerings to American coffee drinkers. Built on the premise that coffee shops are places to build community, the business has been a smash hit ever since. Kaladi emphasizes the importance of staying independent and roasting coffee methodically, with a focus on the body, taste, and aroma that’s produced by their special technique of air roasting.

With over 20 blends to choose from, sourced from locations such as Rwanda, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua — Kaladi has a passion for variety. Their menu features the signature Kaladi latte, sweetened with a special blend of syrups, and a Shot In the Dark, which is a drip coffee with a double shot of espresso. Those wanting to skip the coffee can order golden milk or a yerba mate latte.

PRO Tip: Find your flavor at Kaladi by sipping on lighter roasts with fruity notes and a floral fragrance to their darker roasted varieties, with a smoky finish and hints of spice. Taste is subjective and Kaladi strives to offer roasts to suit a range of palates. 

  1. Rivers and Roads Coffee

Address: 2539 East Bruce Randolph Avenue

Rivers and Roads Coffee features a shaded front patio, perfect for sipping on a house-made chai latte with your dog in tow. You’ll often find people working on laptops, with the smell of freshly roasted beans wafting through the air. Green coffee beans are sourced from around the world before being roasted in-house. The entire kitchen is gluten-free, providing options ranging from breakfast fries to a cheesy avocado sandwich. Whether you’re in the mood for a butter coffee, a black forest mocha, or even an affogato, Rivers and Roads has you covered.

The shop makes homemade syrups, such as lavender and sage. They’ll even prepare an Italian soda with the specialty syrups as flavorings. There’s a fairly regular rotation of selections, so guests can discover new flavor profiles and roasts from around the world. If you’re in a hurry, grab a drip coffee and a custom smoothie and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

  1. Blue Sparrow Coffee

Address: 3070 Blake Street Unit 180 & 1615 Platte Street Suite 135

Blue Sparrow is not only an aesthetically pleasing cafe, but it’s also home to some of the best up-and-coming roasters from around the world. The menu features filter coffees, flat whites, matcha lattes, and a nutmeg-dusted chai latte. The baristas pay special attention to brewing a quality drip coffee that features a rotating list of roasters, ensuring loyal customers always have something new to taste.

There is limited indoor seating but outside is a sprawling garden area where guests can relax and get some work knocked out. Black Box Bakery provides tasty pastry bites. Blue Sparrow’s handwritten menu features simple food offerings, as well as specialty teas and homemade sodas. Try the creamy nitro cold brew, the CBD-infused brew, or the kombucha that features an array of fruity notes. 

PRO Tip: To reduce waste, there is a $0.10 charge for a single-use cup. These funds go to support sustainability goals and help to educate consumers on the pitfalls of relying on single-use materials. Customers are encouraged to bring a reusable cup or enjoy their drink in-house in Blue Sparrow’s glassware.

  1. Little Owl Coffee

Address: 1555 Blake Street

Don’t be surprised when you walk into Little Owl Coffee and it’s well, little! This quaint joint may be small but they’ve been serving up robust flavors since 2013. Their farm-to-cup policy ensures that customers are getting the purest single-origin brews. The peaceful ambiance makes this the perfect place to kick back and relax or catch up with an old friend over craft espresso beverages.

Coffee is sourced from Middle State and almond milk is made in-house. There is a variety of pastries that make the perfect accompaniment to your iced latte or hot cappuccino. Seasonal flavors include the summertime peaches and cream cold brew and the popular honey basil latte. Tea is also available. Little Owl offers a subscription service and wholesale opportunities for those seeking a partnership.

  1. Crema Coffee House

Address: 2862 Larimer Street 

Crema has been a pioneer in the Denver craft coffee scene since 2009, providing classic espresso-based drinks as well as pour-overs and cold brews. While they don’t roast their own beans, they feature roasters that include established companies as well as up-and-coming operations, including Counter Culture and Herkimer. Denverites can sip on some of the freshest coffee from New York, California, and Seattle — all in one place!

While the emphasis is certainly on high-quality coffee, there are also fresh pressed juices and local kombucha on the menu. The full kitchen serves up bruleed grapefruit, breakfast burritos, and a daily veggie or meat quiche. Everything is made in-house using the freshest possible ingredients. Those looking to work remotely have access to the shop’s Wi-Fi but there are no outlets available, so pack a backup battery or keep your business short. 

PRO Tip: If you can’t make it to the Larimer location, there is a smaller shop located in the Denver Central Market.

  1. Huckleberry Roasters

Address: 4301 Pecos Street & 1800 Wazee Street

Huckleberry Roasters has been long beloved in Denver for good reason. Since 2011, they’ve been roasting beans sourced from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, and Peru. Their signature blends are some of the best in the city and they have a booming wholesale business to prove it. When you buy a bag of coffee, you’ll get a free coffee, cold brew, or a shot of espresso as thanks for supporting the business. 

Luckily for alt-milk lovers, Huckleberry doesn’t charge extra for oat milk. Their unique combinations, such as the seasonal lavender rosemary latte and the surprisingly refreshing cold brew limeade offer a boost of caffeine for busy Denverites. If you need an on-the-go snack, grab a flaky twice-baked blueberry almond croissant or a breakfast burrito from Bonfire. Huckleberry’s own Shelby Williamson won the U.S. Roaster Championship in 2019, becoming the first woman to represent the United States at the event. 

PRO Tip: Try one of Huckleberry’s specialty toasts, topping with your choice of peanut butter, banana slices, sun-dried tomatoes, or creamy feta. 

  1. The Bardo Coffee House

Address: 238 South Broadway & 6150 West 38th Avenue 

The Bardo Coffee House whips up an array of specialty drinks, including the “Grinch” which consists of an oat milk matcha latte and pistachio flavoring, and the Latte Bardo, which is espresso mixed with steamed milk, vanilla, chocolate, and more coffee. The coffee house is open from 6 AM to midnight, daily. Night owls who need a caffeine fix or anyone looking for a replacement to the traditional bar hangout can enjoy the laid-back vibes.

During the morning hours, house-made breakfast burritos are served with a from-scratch green chile — a Colorado staple. There are also chocolate croissants from Handcraft Bakery on the menu. The 100% wind-powered establishment ensures its sourcing and brewing strategies remain sustainable for years to come. 

PRO Tip: Students and remote workers seeking a quiet place to study or a spot to work on that overdue report will enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi and the color laser printer available for guest use.

  1. Queen City Collective Coffee

Address: 305 West 1st Avenue & 2962 Welton Street

Queen City sources beans directly from farmers and roasts everything on-site in small batches to ensure that the quality remains consistent. For their subscription service, the beans are roasted on the first Tuesday of the month before being shipped the next day — ensuring the freshest possible coffee is delivered to your doorstep. Queen City is also passionate about giving back to the female farmers who too often go unrecognized and underpaid for their labor. 

If you’re in the mood for a strong and smooth cortado or turmeric latte, Queen City provides personable service and a convenient walkup to-go window for those who don’t have time to sit down. There are donuts and breakfast sandwiches available, as well as convenient proximity to the brewery next door for those looking to continue their afternoon beverage journey.

  1. Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Address: 900 West 1st Avenue #180

Copper Door has been in operation since 2006 but it wasn’t until 2014 that the wholesale business expanded into a cafe. This is Denver’s only woman-owned roaster, which is an impressive accomplishment within the male-dominated industry of coffee bean roasting. The brand champions woman-produced coffees, including the Shady Lady Blend which has notes of rhubarb, chocolate, and red berry.

Guests will be greeted by friendly baristas who are eager to whip up a creamy and delicious latte or a smooth cold brew. The enclosed patio provides a respite from the sun and is the ideal ambient environment to sip on a drink and people-watch. 

PRO Tip: Copper Door offers several classes for coffee enthusiasts wanting to learn barista tips and tricks. Courses cover the basics of espresso and latte art that is sure to impress your friends.

  1. Steam Espresso Bar

Address: 1801 South Pearl Street & 3600 Tejon Street

Steam Espresso Bar was established in 2013 by twin brothers who believe that coffee isn’t just a product but an experience in and of itself. This unique take on coffee produces quality beans that have been sourced from micro-roasters in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Steam has since perfected its brewing techniques, making a nearly perfect shot of espresso that can be taken straight or in a variety of espresso-based drinks. Those used to overly sweetened lattes will find that the emphasis at Steam is firmly placed on the authentic flavors of the coffee, instead of sugary additives.

Beginning in the Spring of 2023, Steam will begin offering barista skills training classes that are open to the public. The course will go over espresso extraction, the milk steaming process, as well as latte art. Participants will enjoy the unique atmosphere of the former photography studio turned espresso bar, with exposed brick and beautiful wood paneling.

PRO Tip: If you’re in a rush, Steam has a convenient takeout window where orders can be placed and picked up. Dog owners can bring their pups and chill on the shaded patio.

  1. Lost Coffee

Address: 1190 West Littleton Boulevard (Littleton), 390 Perry Street (Castle Rock), 200 North Ursula Street #30 (Aurora)

Lost Coffee is focused on the mission of inspiring the world through the craft of coffee making. This process begins with the farmers and importers, all the way until the barista pours a delicious latte. Lost Coffee pays a premium to ensure that their money is funneled from the coffee cup back to the farmer, which creates a more sustainable working relationship that creates a high-quality product. 

The company provides a coffee subscription, with blends such as a Flat Black Espresso to an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Customers can also visit one of Lost Coffee’s three locations and order a cortado, a hot mocha latte, or a refreshing iced matcha. The shops also sell light bites, such as croissants, parfaits, and quiche.